Families Against Breed Bans, also known as FABB, is dedicated to establishing non breed specific legislation that will protect our communities from irresponsible dog owners.

Families Against Breed Bans is a group of dog owners, not just pit bull owners, that aims to:

  • Protect innocent dogs from the injustice of breed specific legislation.
  • Educate the public on responsible dog ownership practices, which includes consistent obedience training throughout the life of a dog, licensing with the city, spaying/neutering and microchipping, proper socialization with humans, other animals and the environment, providing adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinary care, and proper confinement in public (i.e. leashing).
  • Educate the public on the dangers of chaining, training dogs to become aggressive, and using them for “guarding” purposes or creating a “tough” image.
  • Regulate breeding as backyard breeding practices, including puppy mills, often lead to dogs with temperament and health problems.
  • Establish and enforce strict laws that hold the owners accountable for their dogs’actions, regardless of breed.

We feel strongly that the issue with dog attacks in our communities is not a breed problem, but an owner problem. Banning one breed, or a group of breeds, only punishes those owners who follow the law, train their dogs to be upstanding citizens, and protect their dogs from becoming burdens to society. People who are careless with their dogs, train their dogs to be aggressive or to become “fight” dogs, neglect or abuse their dogs, allow their dogs to roam freely, and/or fail to obedience train and socialize their dogs properly will continue to do the same irresponsible practices regardless of whether they own a Pit Bull, a German Shepherd, or a Labrador Retriever. Therefore, breed bans do not address the problem of irresponsible owners and irresponsible breeders.

Furthermore, banning one, two, or three breeds is an infinite breed ban, as any dog that looks remotely similar to the banned breeds is a target. In Ontario, a Labrador was seized by Animal Control because it “looked” like a pit bull. In a US city where pit bulls are banned, a family won a lawsuit against the city after Animal Control officers seized the family’s Boxer because it fit the characteristics of a pit bull. And in Ohio, a Boxer was shot by a police officer because the officer thought it was a pit bull. Numerous dogs, not just pit bulls, will be and have been negatively affected by breed specific legislation. The only way to ensure that our cities are safe is to educate the public on responsible dog ownership and to enforce tougher penalties for those people who have dogs that are deemed to be a threat to others.


FABB is dedicated to the innocent dogs who have been euthanized for no other reason than breedism, the canine form of racism, and to all the responsible dog owners who have been unjustly victimized and have suffered the loss of their beloved pets. For those who have been forced to sell their homes, change jobs & schools and suffered financially, physically and emotionally because of breed specific legislation.

Images provided by: Alyssa Rose Photography   Kendra Coatney  Karin Sinkula  & Mariana Alvarez